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It's Solvable.
It's Solvable.
It's Solvable.
It's Solvable.

What A Waste™

What a Waste is NFESH’s innovative, anti-hunger initiative for community-based nutrition programs that reduces food waste, increases program efficiency and helps the environment while providing new sources of healthful foods to those in need.

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Why A Food Bank Director Is Against the Minimum Wage Increase

"It seems like every time I turn around, I hear friends of mine talking about how we need to give the poor a raise. And every time, I raise a red flag and dig in for what I think will be the fight of my life. By the time we finish the conversation, nearly everyone understands my point about why raising the minimum wage would cause more problems than it would solve."
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At NFESH, we seek solutions to prevent and end senior hunger by breaking what we call “the lifecycle of hunger,” one community at a time.  Our cross-sector approach engages local and national partners on a journey of discovery to translate and transform expertise, insight and ideas into sustainable ways we can quash hunger.

We are seeking partners who are looking for the opportunity to provide new and innovative solutions to affect real societal change.  Ready to roll up your sleeves and join this grassroots movement?

Learn how you can become a CUASH® (Communities Against Senior Hunger) Community.


When you give to NFESH you are making an investment in preventing and ending senior hunger community by community. Join us in breaking the lifecycle of senior hunger today.

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