Our values, as much as our experience, drive every action we take…and every project we undertake. Senior hunger is rooted in the community; so are our values. Collaboration is a community affair that involves bringing key partners together. These partners must commit to sharing the responsibility, the vision, the goals, and the measurements that will gauge and guide success. That means being dedicated to using creativity and competencies to build consensus. And that takes courage. Bringing about change always does.

CUASH is our acronym for Community United Against Senior Hunger and describes projects and activities in which willing and diverse partners agree to work together in a collegial environment to quash senior hunger in their community. We have and continue to work on CUASH projects within various and varied communities. Although the details of the projects may differ, all revolve around one central philosophy, namely, that if we all work together, we can and will end senior hunger.

When we partner with stakeholders in a community to provide leadership around specific projects, we not only expect their commitment to the work – and it is work – of reducing hunger for their citizens, but  we also pledge our dedication to focused involvement in that community throughout the term of the project.

That means our relationship is based on an allegiance to a common purpose and shared objectives. It means collaboration that is founded on mutual respect; grounded in honest and ongoing communication; mindful of local culture, heritage and values; open to objective evaluation to measure progress; and intentional in all our undertakings.

When we come into a community we bring an array of tools with us. These include: proprietary research; innovative programs and processes; customized analytics; and expertise in leadership, communications, coalition-building, public policy, food service management, square-foot gardening, horticultural therapy for seniors. And, as we said before, we always bring commitment.

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