NFESH Consulting: In-know-vation

Our Vision

NFESH Consulting shares the vision and mission of our Foundation…ending senior hunger. Senior hunger is a serious and growing problem that every community shares. Our research tells us that. Your work shows you that. Senior hunger is a reality. So is this: we can change things for the better.

NFESH Consulting is here to assist you in doing just that. How? We deliver knowledge – as well as expertise, objectivity, new thinking, and fresh approaches. Our purpose is helping you find the best way to reduce hunger right there where you live and work. We know we can.

Our Values

Our values, as much as our experience, drive every action we take and every project we undertake. We imagine that yours do too. That is why we look at consulting as a two-way street.

We consult with you first. We ask you questions. We get to know your program and community and the details of the issue that you are trying to address. Then we bring our knowledge to bear. And together we catalyze change.

Our Experience

We are professionals with over 100 years of experience working to help others solve problems. Our experience equips us for that, and our passion drives us.

The nonprofit world is not all we know. We have also served in the public/governmental, private and educational sectors. That gives us a breadth of understanding and variety of perspectives to share with you. We call that know-how.

That’s how we deliver knowledge.

Where’s Our Expertise? What Do We Know?

Senior Hunger

It’s not a secret anymore…senior hunger, that is. But it was until NFESH took on the leadership role and commissioned the first comprehensive national study to examine it in 2007. Now everyone looks to us for answers because we know more about senior hunger than any other organization in America. We know its causes, its consequences and the risk factors that can lead to it.

Here’s the most important thing we know: we need to put an end to it and we’ve made it our mission to use our research, and that of others, to find fact-based, data driven solutions to reduce it. We are also dedicated to sharing what we know through a variety of forums. We design and host summits; keynote major conferences; lead workshops; update and disseminate the national and state-level research findings annually; we educate audiences about the connection between hunger and poor health.

Researching senior hunger is where we started. Now it is no secret that working tirelessly to reduce it is our end game.

Food Waste

We know that there is far too much waste in every kitchen in America and in every program that serves meals to people. We know that wasted food is wasted money. We also know that some wasted food can be eliminated. And we know how to teach you to do that.

Simply put, we know waste is not just a problem but also part of the solution. That’s why we say “Know Waste. No Hunger.”

Saving money and creating sustainability. That is called wise business practice.

We are not afraid of the dirty work. In fact, we enjoy getting our hands dirty – because we know that is the only way to get a clean start at tackling the hunger problem.

Click here to learn all about our What A WasteTM initiative. It’s tried. It’s tested. It works.


We know you have stories to tell – about the important work you do in your community; and the people you serve; and the other folks who need your assistance; and the value you bring to the lives of the vulnerable. We know this too: How you tell your story, when you tell it and where you tell it can be just as important as the story itself.

We are experts in communication. We have decades of experience in showing clients how altering the narrative can change the ending – that is how the right words can translate into better outcomes.

Our story is years of success helping others excel when it comes to telling theirs. We know we can do that for you.


Much of the time your organization does things the way it does because, well…that is the way it’s been done. That’s natural. And sometimes that method is effective; but other times, it’s not. Our job is to help you determine that.

What qualifies us for that role? First, we are objective onlookers who can see your operations from a different perspective. Second, we have seen firsthand the way others in your field operate – and we know what has demonstrated success. Third, we know policy, particularly those external rules and regulations that govern your work. We also know these policies are always changing – and when they do they can open the way for exciting new opportunities for your organization.


We see immense value in collaboration. We know how to get people talking about new ideas and how to bring diverse sectors together for collective benefit. For example, when we look at food we don’t just think about feeding folks; we also think about improving their health. So we are working to find the right prescription to bring the nutrition and health care sectors together around the notion of food as care.

Our Clients

Like our own experience, our clients span the spectrum. They include states, city governments, trade associations, private nonprofits, educational institutions and business.

Our Bottom Line

NFESH Consulting excels at seeing the possibilities and helping you use them to your advantage. From our perspective, that is what in-know-vation really is. And that is what we are about.


Where Do We Go from Here?

Now you have gotten to know about us. We’d like to know about you and the challenges you face. That’s the only way we can help you solve them. So, give us a call at 571-312-2675 and we’ll set up a time for an exploratory conversation so our team can talk to and brainstorm with yours. That won’t cost you anything — except what we promise will be a half hour well-spent.