What’s the Problem?

Simply stated, the issues of senior hunger and undernutrition are generally overlooked in America. And that’s a problem – a growing one.

In 2005 nearly 1 in 9 — or 5 million older citizens — were threatened by hunger then. By 2015 those ranks had increased to an intolerable 14.7 percent, or more than 9.8 million seniors.

So we say again: That’s a problem – a worsening national one that manifests itself in cities, suburbs and rural areas …in other words, right in the middle of every community where people live.

What Are the Consequences?

Research proves that serious negative health consequences go hand-in-hand with senior hunger and undernutrition. That undermines the quality of life for millions of older people – and it costs the Nation hundreds of billions of dollars in additional health care costs each year.


NFESH (pronounced neh-fesh) is a Hebrew word that means soul or life force, or the obligation to save a life in jeopardy. We take the obligation seriously.