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April 26

 “As leaders, we have to have the courage to want to make a difference.” —Enid Borden Read Enid’s latest HuffPost piece by clicking here

Friday Friends

April 11

In this space at the end of February, when we announced that Enid Borden had once again been invited to be a Regular Contributor to the HuffPost, we wrote “While readers can expect many of her columns to reference the hunger problem, that won’t be the only senior-focused topic subject she addresses.” And she went...

When the Problem is Persistent, The Solution is Persistence

March 28

Again this week, as the news focuses on the President’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year, news outlets across the country are carrying stories raising questions about what impact cuts in spending for so-called “social programs” might have on the lives of America’s neediest citizens. In many of those stories we have seen a...

Southern Hospitality

March 13

It was just a month ago that we used this space to announce that NFESH and the Georgia Department of Human Services would soon be kicking off the Georgia What A Waste Initiative at nine senior nutrition sites across the State.  We are pleased to say that what we predicted would be “a peach of...

Taking the Message of Senior Hunger to a Broader Audience

February 23

After a year- long sabbatical from writing occasional articles for the HuffPost, NFESH CEO Enid Borden will once again become a Regular Contributor. In her time away from writing her blog, Enid has addressed audiences across the United States and abroad about the worsening problem of senior hunger in America and worldwide. “Those opportunities are...

We’ve Got Georgia on our Mind

February 10

  With the beginning of a new year, NFESH has entered into a new and promising statewide What A Waste project in Georgia – but it all started last June when two visionary and like-minded women met around an issue of common concern. That issue was the unacceptably high level of hunger threat among Georgia’s...

“Waste Not, Want Not”

February 2

In this space we generally focus on big waste, that is, we report on the work that we are doing through our What A Waste® projects at Senior Nutrition Programs across the country. We look at the progress that these SNPs make after they learn — through separating, measuring and weighing the food prepared and...

2016 The Year in Pictures

January 17

For decades readers across the globe awaited the arrival of Life Magazine’s “The Year in Pictures” issue. We acknowledge that the world has changed dramatically since that iconic magazine launched its first celebration of a year’s highlights in visual images. It preceded the digital age and websites and online newsletters such as this had not...